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I joined a new Teen Titans RP site, well I say new, apparently a year old but I was so bored last sunday that I typed into google teen titans rp proboards, and lo and behold this one came up, so I am going to plug it JOIN ALL YE LOVERS OF TEEN TITANS!!!

We're in need of main Titans desperatly there's only Star (Me) and Beast Boy (she rocks at BB)

So here we are, here's the link, even if you dont want to join check it out, BB has done a nice layout

Teen Titans Roleplay
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I will never mess with my lj stuff again lol I accidetally deleted a comment on one of my posts -_- what a twit lol I pressed delete in my messages instead of "read"
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Rp and Me

Right, I've decided,stuff all this procrastinating, I want to roleplay again. I have itchy fingers and I'm sick of saying I'll find a site and then I don't bother

So from now on I am looking for somewhere to roleplay, I have a character for every site type I can think of I just need a place, I'll even do Buffy again and reprise my role as Dawn, only I really want a site

Does anyone know any rp sites that are still around? Or does anyone want to create one? I don't mind I';m not picky!
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Sweeney Todd

I watched Sweeney Todd for the first time tonight, I have never seen a sweeney todd musical or anything but I knew the story roughly so. Yah it was...ok, I mean it wasn't bad, it was actually better than I had hoped, but I don't think I shall buy it, whilst I love movies with Johnny in I much prefer him as a good guy rather than a killer. I loved him singing in it, that was the unique part for me.

I'd watch it again if it came on tv or something but I won't rent it again, I know, it kinda sounds like I didn't enjoy the film but I did, it's just, once is enough for me, the gore factor reminded me of sleepy hollow (then again it is another burton movie) and much like this movie, I enjoyed it but only watched once (although I bought it from a shop when it was like £3 so it's more than once now lol)

But yes, I may buy it I dunno

I'm actually waiting for my seed of chucky DVD to turn up in the mail, I only have to get the first three and I will have the complete chucky set ^^
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Figure I'm in need of a life update

Well since I haven't done a life update in like forever, I decided to do one

I apologise in advance for friends pages I really can't be bothered with cuts today

Ok well first off I decided to join a slimming club, I figured if the weight wouldn't come off by starving myself half to death then I had to join a club. Yeah I've been doing a lot of not eating of late and feeling really sick because of it, I got quite run down and had about four mouth ulcers (which hurt like hell) luckily the ulcers have gone since I started eating properly (kinda coincidental huh?)

So yeah I figured not eating wasn't doing me any good and I didn't lose a pound anyway so eh, I joined Slimming World. The good thing is that I have managed to lose (according to the home scales) about half a stone in two weeks, how cool is that? Of course by their scales I'll probably have lost about another 2 pounds in the last week (I lost 2 the other week ^^) so yeah I am becoming a slimmer person gradually lol

Did I mention before that I'm a member of a gym? If I didn't mention it, I've been going regularly since last August, twice a week doing my 30K (that's how much Rob told me to do) so yeah lots and lots of exercise, so the eating properly and exercising seems to work, so no more starving myself I promise -hand on heart-

My friend was getting all worried cos I was majorly cranky through lack of food, but yeah enough about dieting

So anyway I'm on this 13wk course thing that the Jobcentre have put me on (again) and this time they are FINALLY helping me with my math, I don't find math completely hard, it's just some things I don't get.

Anyway that's pretty much my life really at the moment
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Guess where I am writing this journal entry my friends? No, no guesses? Very well I'm in my BEDROOM!!! My brother got the WIFI on my laptop working so now I can look at the net from the comfort of my room with my fan on and my nan can't moan at me for being on the computer for too long ^^ Of course if I want to make any graphics I'll go round my nan's but other than that I can do everything from here this is SOOO COOOL!!!!!
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Question to my friends

Ok before the question, my auntie gave me this digital camera that she had free with something, of course it's not top of the range or anything but the picture is ok.

I decided to mess around with it and see what features it had and lo and behold it has a video camera function! I was quite pleased with this, so I plugged it into my laptop and took a live stream of the weather outside my window (it was hailing) of course I had my mic plugged in so I could narrate lol but it was soooo cool.

Anyway to the question

Where can I upload video files for storage? I don't know of anywhere and I don't have room on my laptop for all the videos I want to make
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