May 28th, 2008

Sexy Ed

Sweeney Todd

I watched Sweeney Todd for the first time tonight, I have never seen a sweeney todd musical or anything but I knew the story roughly so. Yah it was...ok, I mean it wasn't bad, it was actually better than I had hoped, but I don't think I shall buy it, whilst I love movies with Johnny in I much prefer him as a good guy rather than a killer. I loved him singing in it, that was the unique part for me.

I'd watch it again if it came on tv or something but I won't rent it again, I know, it kinda sounds like I didn't enjoy the film but I did, it's just, once is enough for me, the gore factor reminded me of sleepy hollow (then again it is another burton movie) and much like this movie, I enjoyed it but only watched once (although I bought it from a shop when it was like £3 so it's more than once now lol)

But yes, I may buy it I dunno

I'm actually waiting for my seed of chucky DVD to turn up in the mail, I only have to get the first three and I will have the complete chucky set ^^