March 21st, 2008

Sexy Ed


I was just mulling over rping again and whilst I will probably never do another Teen Titans rp (even though I'd like to) I could still make another one, probably Buffy.

Would anyone join a Buffy one? It's just I've been watching my old videos again and I was like "I so want to play Dawn again" I'd still be playing Dawn if it weren't for Avidgamers.

I've been filling the void by writing with a friend, but medieval characters albeit fun to play get boring fast lol

I'd love ot do something all genres really, but that never works out on a site does it? Meh I'm just venting again lol But I just miss being creative is all, I miss sitting with microsoft word open typing my posts out, and thinking really hard about it. I guess I have way too much time on my hands of late and want to do something fun with it, I mean reading and playing vid games can only enthrall me for so long
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