January 11th, 2008

Sexy Ed

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Yey the copy of Soul Reaver 2 I won from ebay turned up finally the other day, I was really pleased.

I ran straight upstairs and put it in my PS2 and was so relieved when it worked ^^ it has no instructions but what do you expect for £2.00 ^^ It was in a pristine condition, I couldn't get over how clean the disc was really, all my second hand discs are grubby but they work.

Anyway, I'm in my volunteer placement today doing my receptionist work, answering phones and the like, I get the computer to myself and since we're never too busy Geoff doesn't mind me playing games and things until customers show up, if only real jobs were this fun ^^

On a slightly more unhappy note, I'm suffering from nausea this week, I eat nothing, I feel sick, I eat something I still feel sick, it doesn't seem to go away, but the Mochachino I had a little while ago seems to have stopped the feeling for a little while anyway.

I'll be updating my icons today, I want to use different ones, but Rinoa, tifa and Yuna will be staying I like them too much lol
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